Image of Roger Sharpe

Roger Sharpe

Roger is one of the most idolized people in the pinball community. He is most famous for his work with legalizing pinball by proving it was a game of skill before the New York City Council in 1976. Roger's interest in pinball came from the Broadway Arcade in New York City. He was then a journalist and later wrote the 1976 book 'Pinball'. He then worked in the pinball industry in marketing and licensing. His sons, Zach Sharpe and Josh Sharpe are world top ten players.

Image of Gary Stern

Gary Stern

Owner of the last remaining pinball manufacturer - Stern Pinball in Chicago. Gary is the son of pinball entreprenuer Sam Stern, who with partner Harry Williams, built the Williams empire.

Image of Gary Stern


Rick devoted his life to becoming a world champion in something. He decided it would be pinball and achieved that in the early 90's. Rick lives with his wife in California and is still active on the pinball tournament circuit.

Image of Steve Epstein

Steve Epstein

Inherited his family business, The Broadway Arcade, located in midtown New York City in the 1960s. The Broadway Arcade was a famous games arcade where celebrities, politicians, kids, college students, and workers all mixed under the one roof. It closed in 1996. Steve was also instrumental in developing the PAPA pinball tournaments along with Roger Sharpe.

Image of Tim Arnold

Lyman Sheats JNR

Arguably the greatest pinball player in the world. Lyman works at Stern Pinball in Chicago as a pinball programmer.

Image of John Broughton

Tim Arnold

He started in the arcade business and left for Vegas, with 1000+ pinball machines, to realize his dream of creating a place where they could be shared with the public. He now runs the Pinball Hall of Fame.

Image of Pingeek


Josh Kaplan, known as 'Pingeek', produces self made pinball DVDs. He documents many old and rare games and is a regular on the pinball show scene.

Image of Lyman Sheats

John Broughton

Associate Professor of Pyschology at Columbia University, New York City. John specialises in social studies, no doubt helped by his heavy pinball playing through college.

Image of Pat Lawlor

Pat Lawlor

Game designer responsible for some of the most popular pinball machines ever made.

Image of Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie

The designer's designer. Innovative and maverick designer who started at Atari and went on to produce classics such as Firepower, Black Knight, High Speed, Getaway, Star Trek.

Image of Steve Kordek

Steve Kordek

Legendary game designer for 60 years. Was a designer before flippers were invented. Steve was the first to put 2 flippers on a machine to make it as we know it today.

Image of Ron Shuster

Ron Shuster

Lives in Pennsylvania in two houses - one of them is for his pinball collection.

Image of Steve Keely

Steve KeelER

Part of the Orange County Pinball Club in Middletown, New York. Steve has 70 machines spread through his house.

Image of Raphael Lankar

Raphael Lankar

Owner of Paris Pinball Museum. His collection consists of vintage games from the 1930s-1950s - often known as woodrail games and wedgeheads.

Image of Sam Harvey

Sam Harvey

Sam lives in California and spends his days working on his collection. He used to work in the bowling industry until the lanes closed 14 years ago. He lives alone surrounded by his collection of 400 machines.

Image of Koi Morris

Koi Morris

Koi is an avid pinball tournament player and synthetic chemist by day job. Koi lives in New Jersey and likes to solve maths puzzles and ride subways.